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Cancer Treatment Essays (1804 words) - RTT, Ribbon Symbolism

Malignant growth Treatment There are numerous approaches to treat malignant growth. Indeed, when you enter malignancy medicines into any internet browser you will discover a huge number of sites on how to treat malignant growth. A few instances of these medicines are chemotherapy, oxygen treatment, nutrient D treatment, food treatment, immunotherapy, and numerous others. Specific kinds of treatments go with particular sorts of tumors. For instance, nutrient D treatment goes with bosom malignant growth and immunotherapy goes with colon malignant growth. Malignant growth has ended the lives of a large number of individuals and I trust it is imperative to illuminate individuals regarding what medicines are coursing in the clinical calling. The human genome's undertaking will likely guide and grouping the several a huge number of qualities that make up the human genome (Johnson 222). The venture is supported together by the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Vitality and has a normal expense of 3 billion dollars (Johnson 222). The undertaking makes hereditary illnesses its core interest. More than 500,000 individuals pass on every year on account of malignant growth (Johnson 222). The genome task will have the option to distinguish unsafe innate qualities, for example, malignant growth and dispose of them. Along these lines, malignancy can be forestalled and individuals will live more. Oxygen treatment utilizes the way that the malignant growth infection is anaerobic (Gallcci 2). This implies is that malignant growth can as it were live through the nonattendance of oxygen. There have been numerous malignancy patients who have been relieved by oxygen treatment (Gallcci 2). Actually, introduction to oxygen will execute most diseases totally (Gallcci 3). In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg was granted the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his disclosure that the reason for malignant growth is an absence of oxygen at the cell level (Gallcci 2). Researchers have removed air from bubbles saved in fossilized golden; when that air was examined it contained 38 percent oxygen (Gallcci 3). This is significant since the air which we inhale right now has a normal oxygen substance of 21 percent or less (Gallcci 3). An individual can't get by at 7 percent oxygen or then again lower. A system used to build the degree of oxygen in the body is the utilization of hydrogen peroxide or H202 (Gallcci 3). At the point when hydrogen peroxide is added to the body, the H202 changes into H20 and oxygen (Gallcci 4). The oxygen iota at that point joins to a cell, and levels of oxygen go up right away. Just food grade hydrogen peroxide can be utilized. At that point once it has been weakened it tends to be given intravenously, consumed through the skin, or ingested (Gallcci 4). Your primary care physician won't enlighten you regarding this procedure; that is, an American specialist won't. One reason is that there is no money motivator for the clinical business to advance it. In different nations, for example, Germany, Russia, and Cuba it will cost around ten U.S. dollars (Gallcci 4). Nutrient D treatment can bring down the danger of getting bosom disease up to 30% (Smith 16). An investigation on about 5,000 ladies saw this as valid. Likewise, ladies who lived in bright atmospheres had a much lower danger of getting bosom malignancy (Smith 16). The response to this wonder is nutrient D, which is created by the skin when it is presented to daylight. For the full treatment to produce results specialists prescribe introduction to coordinate daylight for about 10 to 15 minutes (Smith 17). There is a fix recipe for organ diseases. Disease is brought about by a specific parasite (Beckwith 2). It takes 60 days to kill the parasites which cause organ malignant growth (Beckwith 3). When the malignant growth is murdered it can take up to 180 days to come back to typical wellbeing (Beckwith 2). Proof for this parasite has been revealed in each kind of malignant growth known to man (Beckwith 3). More than 100 instances of organ malignant growth were relieved utilizing this natural equation (Beckwith 2). This home grown strategy for restoring malignant growths isn't upheld at all by United States specialists for a few reasons. For one, the experts of this home grown treatment dismiss logical realities. They don't accept that lung disease is brought about by smoking, colon malignancy is brought about by a low roughage diet, retinal blastoma is brought about by an uncommon heritited quality, and pancreatic malignancy is brought about by liquor utilization (Beckwith 4). Additionally, a considerable lot of the individuals which have gone on these home grown eating regimens have passed on. Thus, there is an a lot higher possibility of somebody biting the dust from utilizing the natural treatment than having their disease restored by it. This current treatment's adequacy additionally differs on the individual's

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This report discuss Taguchis methods for quality Essay Example

This report talk about Taguchis techniques for quality Paper Dr Genichi Taguchi was conceived in Takamachi, Japan in 1924, a city acclaimed for the kimono business. It was just normal for him to examine material designing as he was relied upon to accept accountability of the family kimono business. Yet, in 1942 Taguchis draft notice came and between 1942-1945 he served in the Astronomical Department of the Navigational Institute in the Imperial Japanese Navy. After 1945 he worked in the service of general Health and Welfare and in the Institute of factual Mathematics (Ministry of Education). While here he met a prize winning Japanese analyst Prof. Matosaburo Masuyama, who at the time was viewed by numerous individuals as the best analyst. Under his direction, Taguchis learned a significant part of the utilization of symmetrical clusters and trial structure procedures. He additionally added to numerous modern analyses that managed the creation of penicillin, and the name Genichi Taguchi picked up acknowledgment. We will compose a custom paper test on This report examine Taguchis techniques for quality explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom exposition test on This report talk about Taguchis strategies for quality explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom exposition test on This report talk about Taguchis strategies for quality explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer In 1950, he was recruited by the Electrical Communication Laboratory (ECL). During this time, both ECL and Bell Laboratories were creating cross bar and phone exchanging frameworks. Chipping away at the undertaking for ECL furnished Taguchi with a lot of chances for experimentation and information investigation. After six years, Taguchi and ECL had finished the frameworks venture. Around a similar time, Bell Labs finished its variant. Nippon ATT granted an agreement to ECL, nonetheless, for its boss creation. During this period, Taguchi additionally discovered time to compose Experimental Design and Life Test Analysis and Design of Experiments for Engineers (the aftereffect of working in the business for a long time). In 1960, the last book earned him the Deming Prize for his commitments to the field of value designing. This is one of Japans most lofty honors. Two years and a doctorate in science later, Taguchi composed a second release of Design of Experiments that presented modern research on the sign to-clamor proportion. He left the utilize of ECL, yet kept up his relationship in a counseling limit. In the wake of turning out to be a piece of the partner investigate staff of the Japanese Standards Association, Taguchi established the Quality Research Group. Since 1963, the gathering has met once per month to examine industry applications. In 1962 Kyushu University granted Taguchi with his PHD. When Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan welcomed him to educate in 1965, Taguchi said yesand remained there for a long time. Before Taguchis appearance, the University had no designing division. Much appreciated to some degree to Taguchi, it presently does. Dr. Taguchi built up the idea of the Quality Loss Factor in the mid 1970s; he likewise distributed the third (current) release of Design of Experiments By the mid 80s, Taguchi was becoming well known in the United States. Passage Motor Co. had been acquainted with Taguchis strategies through a Ford provider. Passage was very intrigued and Taguchi was welcome to give classes to Ford administrators in 1982. By 1983 he was official executive of the Ford Supplier Institute, Inc. (which would inevitably change its name to the American Supplier Institute). Taguchi got two additional honors in 1986. For his remarkable commitments to Japanese financial aspects and industry, he got the Indigo Ribbon from the Emperor of Japan. This was trailed by the International Technology Institutes Willard F. Rockwell Medal for joining building and measurable techniques to accomplish fast upgrades in cost and quality by enhancing item structure and assembling forms. ASQ isn't the main quality association to present privileged participation on Taguchi. In 1995, the Japanese Society of Quality Control respected him with a like enrollment.

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How Projective Tests Are Used to Measure Personality

How Projective Tests Are Used to Measure Personality Theories Personality Psychology Print How Projective Tests Are Used to Measure Personality By Kendra Cherry facebook twitter Kendra Cherry, MS, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Learn about our editorial policy Kendra Cherry Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on April 22, 2017 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on January 25, 2020 Val Loh / Getty Images More in Theories Personality Psychology Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Behavioral Psychology Cognitive Psychology Developmental Psychology Social Psychology Biological Psychology Psychosocial Psychology In This Article Table of Contents Expand History Methods Types Weaknesses View All Back To Top A  projective test  is a type of  personality test  in which you offer responses to ambiguous scenes, words, or images.?? The goal of such tests is to uncover the hidden conflicts or emotions that you project  onto the test with the hope that these issues can then be addressed through psychotherapy  or other appropriate treatments. How Projective Tests Came About This type of test emerged from the psychoanalytic school of thought, which suggested that people have unconscious thoughts or urges. Projective tests are intended to uncover feelings, desires, and conflicts that are hidden from conscious awareness. By interpreting responses to ambiguous cues, psychoanalysts hope to uncover unconscious feelings that might be causing problems in a persons life. Despite controversy over their use, projective tests remain quite popular and are extensively used in both clinical and forensic settings. Recent research shows that while training in projective testing in psychology graduate settings has rapidly declined over the past decade or so, at least one projective test was noted as one of the top five tests used in practice for 50 percent of 28 worldwide survey-based studies.?? What Is the Unconscious? How Projective Tests Work In many projective tests, you are shown an ambiguous image and then asked to give the first response that comes to mind. The key to projective tests is the ambiguity of the stimuli. According to the theory behind such tests, using clearly defined questions can result in answers that are carefully crafted by the conscious mind. When youre asked a straightforward question about a particular topic, you have to spend time consciously creating an answer. This can introduce biases and even untruths, whether or not youre trying to deceive the test provider. For example, a respondent might give answers  that are perceived as more socially acceptable or desirable but are perhaps not the most accurate reflection of his or her true feelings or behavior. By providing you with a question or stimulus that is not clear, your underlying and unconscious motivations or  attitudes  are revealed. The hope is that because of the ambiguous nature of the questions, people might be less able to rely on possible hints about what they think the tester expects to see and are less tempted to fake good, or make themselves look good, as a result. How Attitudes Change and Influence Behaviors Types of Projective Tests There are a number of different types of projective tests. Here are a few of the best-known examples: The Rorschach Inkblot Test: This test was one of the first projective tests developed and continues to be one of the best-known and most widely used. Developed by Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach in 1921, the test consists of 10 different cards that depict an ambiguous inkblot.?? Youre shown one card at a time and asked to describe what you see in the image. The responses are recorded verbatim by the tester. Gestures, the tone of voice, and other reactions are also noted. The results of the test can vary depending on which of the many existing scoring systems the examiner uses.The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): In the TAT test, youre asked to look at a series of ambiguous scenes and then to tell a story describing the scene, including what is happening, how the characters are feeling, and how the story will end. The examiner then scores the test based on the needs, motivations, and anxieties of the main character, as well as how the story eventually turns out.??The Draw-A-Pers on Test:  This type of projective test involves exactly what you might imagine: you draw a person and the image you created is then assessed by the examiner. The test interpreter might look at factors such as the size of particular parts of the body or features, the level of detail given to the figure, as well as the overall shape of the drawing.  Like other projective tests, the Draw-A-Person test has been criticized for its lack of validity. While a test interpreter might suggest that certain aspects of the drawing are indicative of particular psychological tendencies, many might argue that it simply means that the subject has poor drawing skills.  The test has been used as a measure of intelligence in children, but research comparing scores on the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence to the Draw-A-Person test found a very low correlation between the two scores.??The House-Tree-Person Test:  In this type of projective test, youre asked to draw a house, a tree, and a person. Once the drawing is complete, youre asked a series of questions about the images youve drawn.  The test was originally designed by John Buck and included a series of 60 questions to ask the respondent, although test administrators may also come up with their own questions or follow-up queries to further explore the subjects responses. For example, the test administrator might ask of the house drawing: Who lives here?,  Who visits the person who lives here?, and Is the occupant happy? Weaknesses Projective tests are most frequently used in therapeutic settings. In many cases, therapists use these tests to learn qualitative information about you. Some therapists may use projective tests as a sort of icebreaker to encourage you to discuss issues or examine your thoughts and emotions. While projective tests have some benefits, they also have a number of weaknesses and limitations, including: The respondents answers can be heavily influenced by the examiners attitudes or the test setting.Scoring projective tests is highly subjective, so interpretations of answers can vary dramatically from one examiner to the next.Projective tests that do not have standard grading scales tend to lack both validity and reliability. Validity refers to whether or not a test is measuring what it purports to measure, while reliability refers to the consistency of the test results. The Problem With Personality Testing

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World War II The Great War - 1334 Words

World War II The devastation of the Great War (as World War I was known at the time) had greatly destabilized Europe, and in many respects World War II grew out of issues left unresolved by that. In particular, political and economic instability in Germany and lingering resentment over the harsh terms imposed by the Versailles Treaty, fueled the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist (Nazi) Party. The years between the first and second world wars were a time of instability during the worldwide Great Depression that began around 1930. It was also a time when some nations, including Germany, Italy and Japan developed intense nationalist feelings that led to a desire to expand: Germany in Northern and Eastern Europe, Italy in Africa and Greece, and Japan in Asia and the South Pacific. Germany had the added motivation of overturning (and ultimately avenging) the harsh terms forced on it at the conclusion of the First World War. In late August 1939 Hitler and Soviet lead er, Joseph Stalin, signed the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact, which incited a frenzy of worry in London and Paris. Hitler had long planned an invasion of Poland, a nation to which Great Britain and France had guaranteed military support if it was attacked by Germany. The pact with Stalin meant that Hitler would not face a war on two fronts once he invaded Poland, and would have Soviet assistance in conquering and dividing the nation itself. On September 1, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland fromShow MoreRelatedWorld War II : The Great War1083 Words   |  5 PagesWorld War II The devastation left by the Great War (aka World War 1) had greatly destabilized Europe, and in many aspects World War II grew out of issues left unresolved by the conflicts of WW1. In particular, political and economic instability in Germany left by the harsh punishments and terms imposed by the Versailles Treaty, fueled the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. In the years between the first and second world wars there was a time of great instability with aRead MoreWorld War II : The Great War884 Words   |  4 PagesWorld War 1 also known as The Great War started for a number of explanations; discrimination and imperialism, militarism nationalism, and alliance. According to the World of information imperialism is the policy which is expanding the country’s power and acquiring new land or countries by force. Militarism is when a country wants to preserve the strongest and most defensive military strength. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire where central powers of WW1 but the allied powers where FranceRead MoreWorld War II : The World s Second Great War960 Words   |  4 PagesWorld War II-- also known as The Holocaust / The Genocide -- was the world s second Great War . World War II was much more larger in scale and more longer in duration. World War I had only lasted for four years, while World War II had lasted for six years. I find it quite interesting that contrary to popular belief; the United States did not enter World War II until 2 years after the genesis of the conflict. It was only in 1941, when the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor that the United StatesRead MoreWorld War II And The Great Depression1658 Words   |  7 Pages The highly numbered risks of war have rigorous effects on societies around the world. World War II had positive and negative effects during and after the war. After the war, the formation of the United Nations helped negotiate and maintain peace, and during the war more jobs helped get the United States out of its biggest economic crisis, the Great Depression. Although, some economists argue that by creating more jobs during World War II, put America into even more debt than the country was alreadyRead MoreWorld War II : The Great Depression1543 Words   |  7 PagesDanielle Gentry Gary Damon American History II 10:00 MWF 25 April 2016 World War II Two decades after the first World War happen another world war occurred known as World War II. There were many causes that led up to this war. The Treaty of Versailles ended World War I, but Germany had to accept the responsibility of the war. Therefore, Germany economy went downhill and people were starving because of war debt. The Great Depression had a big effect on a lot of countries; therefore, countries startedRead MoreThe Great Depression And World War II Essay1391 Words   |  6 Pagescatastrophes occurred: the Great Depression and World War II. American political leaders established a cause-effect relationship between economic collapse and total war, based on these two events, which defined their policy approach in the post-war period. In the 1930s, American leadership, and most importantly, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, came to view economic decline, political radicalization, and instability as forming a vicious cycle that led to utter chaos and war. Although FDR d id not knowRead MoreThe Great Depression And World War II1507 Words   |  7 PagesFaced with the Great Depression and World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt, nicknamed â€Å"FDR,† guided America through its greatest domestic crisis, with the exception of the Civil War, and its greatest foreign crisis. His presidency—which spanned twelve years—was unparalleled, not only in length but in scope. FDR took office with the country mired in a horrible and debilitating economic depression that not only sapped its material wealth and spiritual strength, but cast a pall over its future. RooseveltRead MoreThe Great Depression And World War II1280 Words   |  6 PagesSisters of Growth Throughout the beginning of time people have used art to express themselves. With each major, and minor, there is an artist that captures the world as it is around him. There are also artists that create fiction to give the world and escape from reality. The medium of art that will be discussed in this essay will be film. Since the invention of Thomas Jefferson kinecto graph and the Lumiere brothers cinemtograph, films have continued to be the most popular entertainment methodsRead MoreThe Great Depression And World War II955 Words   |  4 PagesIn America, the period between the Great Depression and World War II was rife with uncertainty. The struggles of the Great Depression were over, but their lasting effects shed doubt on America’s future. Persephone, was an attempt by Thomas Hart Benton in 1939 to cement regionalism as the official American art style during this era. However, despite his attempt to promote hope in America’s future, while still acknowledging the despair of the Great Depression, Persephone was regarded as obscene. RegionalismRead MoreWorld War II : The Great People s War1529 Words   |  7 PagesWorld War II (The Great People’s War) was of deep importance to the formation of today’s international relations system, however the following periods after this war between the greatest powers in the world are also of great significance. The analysis of those periods and their impact on world history will be the first approach of this assessment. It is important to clarify that these periods cannot be annualized as isolated events that happened in History, but related events that in a way or another

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Earths Second Moon - Do We Have One

Time after time, claims have been made that Earth has more than one moon. Starting in the 19th century, astronomers have sought these other bodies. While the press might refer to some of the discovered objects as our second (or even third) moon, the reality is that the Moon  or Luna is the only one we have. To understand why, lets be clear on what makes a moon a moon. What Makes the Moon a Moon In order to qualify as a true moon, a body must be a natural satellite in orbit around a planet. Because a moon must be natural, none of the artificial satellites or spacecraft orbiting the Earth may be called a moon. Theres no restriction on the size of a moon, so although most people think of a moon as a round object, there are small moons with irregular shapes. The Martian moons Phobos and Deimos fall into this category. Yet even without a size restriction, there really arent any objects that orbit the Earth, at least not long enough to matter. Quasi-satellites of Earth When you read in the news about mini-moons or second moons, usually this refers to quasi-satellites. While quasi-satellites dont orbit the Earth, they are near the planet and orbit the Sun about the same distance away as us. Quasi-satellites are considered to be in 1:1 resonance with Earth, but their orbit isnt tied to the gravity of the Earth or even the Moon. If the Earth and Moon suddenly vanished, the orbits of these bodies would be largely unaffected. Examples of quasi-satellites include 2016 HO3, 2014 OL339, 2013 LX28, 2010 SO16, (277810) 2006 FV35, (164207) 2004 GU9, 2002 AA29, and 3753 Cruithne. Some of these quasi-satellites have staying power. For example, 2016 HO3 is a small asteroid (40 to 100 meters across) that loops around Earth as it orbits the Sun. Its orbit is tilted a bit, compared with that of Earth, so it appears to bob up and down with respect to Earths orbital plane. While its too far away to be a moon and doesnt orbit the Earth, it has been a close companion and will continue to be one for hundreds of years. In contrast, 2003 YN107 had a similar orbit, but left the area over a decade ago. 3753 Cruithne Cruithne is noteworthy for being the object most often called Earths second moon and the one most likely to become one in the future. Cruithne is an asteroid about 5 kilometers (3 miles) wide that was discovered in 1986. Its a quasi-satellite that orbits the Sun and not the Earth, but at the time of its discovery, its complex orbit made it appear that it might be a true moon. Cruithnes orbit is affected by Earths gravity, though. At present, the Earth and the asteroid return to about the same position relative to each other each year. It wont collide with Earth because its orbit is inclined (at an angle) to ours. In another 5,000 years or so, the asteroids orbit will change. At that time, it might truly orbit the Earth and be considered a moon. Even then, it will only be a temporary moon, escaping after another 3,000 years. Trojans (Lagrangian Objects) Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune were known to have trojans, which are objects that share the orbit of the planet and remain in the same position with respect to it. In 2011, NASA announced the discovery of the first Earth trojan, 2010 TK7. In general, trojans are located at Lagrangian points of stability (are Lagrangian objects), either 60 ° ahead of or behind the planet. 2010 TK7 precedes the Earth in its orbit. The asteroid is about 300 meters (1000 feet) in diameter. Its orbit oscillates around Lagrangian points L4 and L3, bringing it to its closest approach every 400 years. The closest approach is about 20 million kilometers, which is over 50 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. At the time of its discovery, it took the Earth about 365.256 days to orbit the Sun, while 2010 TK7 completed the journey in 365.389 days. Temporary Satellites If youre okay with a moon being a temporary visitor, then there are small objects transiently orbiting the Earth that might be considered moons. According to astrophysicists Mikael Ganvik, Robert Jedicke, and Jeremie Vaubaillon, there is at least one natural object around 1-meter in diameter orbiting the Earth at any given time. Usually these temporary moons remain in orbit for several months before escaping again or falling to Earth as a meteor. References and Further Reading Granvik, Mikael; Jeremie Vaubaillon; Robert Jedicke (December 2011). The population of natural Earth satellites.  Icarus.  218: 63.   Bakich, Michael E.  The Cambridge Planetary Handbook. Cambridge University Press, 2000, p. 146,

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Analysis Of The Play After Seeing Mary Stuart

I was really looking forward to watching this play after seeing Mary Stuart. I came into the play only knowing that the play was about couples. I liked coming into to the play not really knowing what to expect from the storyline. I thought that the play was going to be about the couples interacting more with one another as opposed to interacting in the individual couples. Since the play is named cul-de-sac I assumed that there would be more interaction from the â€Å"cul-de-sac† all-together other than the few awkward encounters. I think I thought that the play was missing a climax. I am not sure when the climax or the height of the play was reached. I think that the lack of a climax comes from the vagueness of the character objectives. I†¦show more content†¦Johnson character could have been looking for happiness in his job, in his own personal life, or in his marriage. However, the only true happiness seeking action we see him do is chase his wife around the kitchen . I also thought there was a lot going on in the play at that at times it was hard to follow. I felt that there was just a lot going on and a lot of inferences that had to be made, which took away from the actors. I also did not like how it seemed that the scenes with the couples were supposed to be happening simultaneously and it seemed like the day was starting over every time a new couple would take the stage. I wish there was a more fluid way those scenes could have been run where you could see the Joneses dancing while the Smith’s were taking the breaks in between the argument. When the Johnson’s switched to the stage, I originally thought that it was a new day because at the end of the smith scene they were ordering dinner and the lights seemed dim. It wasn’t until Mr. Smith made the comment about making the salmon until I realized it was still that same day, just being shown from a different house. Again I wish there was a way the audience could have at l east seen a small portion of the two couples simultaneously just to give the audience an idea of the time frame. Also I felt like half the time I didn’t really know what was going on or that I missed something. For example when Mrs. Johnson was so appalled that Mr. Johnson had gotten out of bed

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Free Trade and Globalization

Question: Describe about the Article for Free Trade and Globalization. Answer: Introduction: Free trade is an economic term use to describe the import and export relations among various companies. Countries get engaged in the Free Trade relation when both companies and countries get the opportunities to import and export goods without any governmental intervention. It has been pointed out that Free Trade is a double edged sword. The business phenomenon is both advantageous and disadvantageous for a nation. Keeping this point in mind, a report is made to derive at a particular conclusion regarding the issue (, 2016). Discussion: In the era of globalization and open economy, opportunities for better business and a transparency in the business has increased. No wonder this has opened many scope for various countries and companies to spread their wings and increase their profit, there are many instances when this approach has proved to be a threat for the operating country. As per the view point of Irwin (2015), free trade has both pros and cons. Some of the advantages of free trade are: Lowers the cost of import and export: By the means of free trade, companies are able to lower their cost using the cheapest resources available. Free trade allows companies to import the raw materials from other countries that are not available in that particular country (Irwin 2015). Again, goods that are exported to the domestic region have little or no intervention. Competitive advantage: With the intervention of import and export of the goods among the countries, it is expected that there will be a certain level of competitive advantage between the various products available. Cons of free trade: Privatization of the companies: With the intervention of the companies in the other countries, many companies are gaining privatization in the country where they are operating (Korhonen 2013). It has been found that many state owned enterprises established their privatization and operate like a private business. These companies are achieving their goals without any concerns regarding the benefits of the country where they are operating. Non co operation of government of the countries: At many instances, it is found that the government of some developed countries does not allow other companies to operate in their countries. Due to this non-cooperative approach relationship between these nations are seemed to get hindered. Political slavery: In the greed of launching their product in a developed country, some companies even get ready to become a political slave of the country (Jaffee 2014). This results in huge corruption practices that decline the ethical standard of both the company and the country. Conclusion: There are both advantages and disadvantages of free trade. In the contemporary period, it can be said that although globalization has opened up great operational areas for the companies to operate in various countries, there are certain threats that both the domestic and the international countries have to suffer. As suggested from the articles strict guidelines and rules are to be set up in order to keep a grip of the incoming or outgoing of the trade that various companies are carrying in their business journey. Reference list: Irwin, D.A., 2015.Free trade under fire. Princeton University Press. Jaffee, D., 2014.Brewing justice: Fair trade coffee, sustainability, and survival. Univ of California Press. Korhonen, P., 2013.Japan and the Pacific free trade area. Routledge., 2016 Available at: [Accessed on: 29-5-2016]